A Leading Manufacturer of Trikes and Specialist Sports Cars

Welcome to Grinnall Cars, home of the Scorpion III, the Scorpion IV and the growing Grinnall family of Trikes.

We are a small, independent British manufacturer with big ideas. We pride ourselves in the range and quality of our products; whether it be the acclaimed Scorpion III three-wheeler, the stunning Scorpion IV or our innovative Trikes. We're very much customer driven, which is why we're so focussed on research and development and why everything we make is tailored to individual requirements. All our products are available either fully built or in kit form.

Grinnall Cars; engineered by enthusiasts, driven by individualists.

Latest Grinnall news

The Grinnall R3T has landed in the USA!

We are pleased to announce that the successful Grinnall R3T trike - the first trike conversion based on the ground breaking Rocket 3 motorcycle (2005) - has landed in the USA

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