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Grinnall Scorpion III

In 1992 automotive stylist Steve Harper (SHADO) was commissioned to pen an exciting new design adopting the 'form follows function' philosophy. Designed in-house, the Scorpion-III space frame chassis and race-bred suspension have been continuously refined to guarantee the highest safety and performance standards consistent with the lowest possible weight. Inspired by the original Morgan 3-wheeler, the Grinnall Scorpion-III looks forward rather than backwards. Featuring ultra-high performance motorcycle power from BMW Motorrad combined with a lightweight space frame chassis and sophisticated suspension clothed in a composite body, the S-III owes far more to today's race car technology than it does to its illustrious ancestor.

Grinnall Scorpion IV

The Scorpion-IV features a light-weight, super-stiff space-frame chassis onto which is bonded a composite body shell. The result is an exceptionally rigid structure; the platform for the S-IV's trademark supple and well controlled ride, precise handling and exceptional road holding abilities. In 1992, award-winning automotive stylist Steve Harper (SHADO) was commissioned to pen the exciting new design of the BMW powered Scorpion-III. His brief was to develop the styling, not only for S-III, but also for the second stage of our development programme, the S-IV; with a wheel on each corner. The eye-catching results for both vehicles were faithfully translated into a full-sized clay buck model, and hence, via precision moulds into production.

Grinnall Scorpion IIIGrinnall Scorpion IV