Disabled driver options

Hand Controls
We offer a comprehensive choice of controls tailored to individual requirements. The most common are full hand controls: All of our vehicles use HISPEC CNC billet calipers which displace a very small amount of fluid when operated. This enables all brakes to be linked to the standard front brake lever, providing excellent braking, and a firm feel on the lever.

Normally, we use only one front disc for the linked brakes, and connect the unused disc to the rear (and otherwise redundant) brake pedal, just in case one of your mates rides the machine and you forget to tell him there is no foot brake! If you prefer to keep the front and rear brakes separate, we can fit a TWIN LEVER BRAKE which has two separate master cylinders, twin lever blades sharing the same pivot, and is operated by one hand.

Gear changing
For shifting gears, the optional KLICKTRONIC system offers very effective control of the gear changes with electric push-button operation. The servo mounts directly to the gearbox and guarantees no missing gears or false neutrals.

Our electric back-up reverse now comes with an extra battery as standard, providing smooth and powerful reversing, and no red faces.

Please contact us for more information on any modifications you desire. We can usually accommodate every need.

Hate paying VAT?
You may be aware that some registered disabled trikers are not subject to VAT. Click HERE for the 'Eligibility Declaration by a Disabled Person' form. You can print it off and fill it in. The VAT advice charity (0845 3020203) suggests you use the wording on the form with additional information about your disability on another sheet of paper to send to us. A letter from your doctor explaining your condition will also aid your application to be excused paying VAT.

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