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The Scorpion III has had a very favourable reception from more than a dozen publications and TV programmes, including BBC’s Top Gear and ITV’s Pulling Power. Here are a couple of recent extracts, which sum up that reception.



“An eye-catching, breathtaking blast of a thing, which can trade punches with bona-fide supercars…. The Scorpion is impressively well engineered, the performance is intoxicating, and the fit and finish is a revelation…. Most importantly of all, the Scorpion is pure fun. I almost got facial cramp by impersonating a Cheshire cat.”


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“The styling is the most eye-catching this side of a Maclaren F1…. Performance is brisk, and once the Scorpion is rolling, flooring the throttle gives you the sort of kick in the back normally the preserve of F-14 pilots…. Handling too is in the Top Gun class. Steering is beautifully precise, the car is amazingly grippy, and despite its name, conceals no sting in the tail.”


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