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Computer optimised steel tube space-frame. Blasted surface protected by zinc primer and polyester powder coating by Redditch Shot-Blasting.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyester, manufactured by hand, 2-pack paint finish. Virtually unlimited colour choice.



The K40 drive train signalled a break from tradition for BMW, as it is transversely mounted like most Japanese motorbikes. The centre of gravity is very low which improves safety at higher cornering speeds. The new motor also has a dry sump, which eliminates oil surge.

New or used BMW K-Series, all models:

1300cc 16 valve 185bhp K40 (2007 – current).

1200cc 16 valve 170bhp K40 (2003 – 2008).

1200cc 16 valve 135bhp RS (1997 – 2004).

1200cc 16 valve 110bhp LT (1997 – 2009).

1100cc 16 valve 100bhp LT and RS (1992 – 1997).

All BMW motors have chain driven DOHC and EFI.



All K40’s have a 6-speed gearbox, wet multi-plate clutch and shaft final drive. The rear suspension is chassis mounted.

The earlier K-series 1200 motor uses a 6-speed gearbox from the RS, and 5-speed with reverse from the LT. The rear suspension on both is chassis mounted. The early 1100cc motor has a 5-speed non-reverse gearbox. The rear suspension is mounted to the back of the gearbox on the 1100.


The clutch on the K40 is a wet multi-plate type, hydraulically operated. Earlier non K40 1200 and 1100cc clutches are a car type single plate dry clutch. The early 1200 is hydraulically operated, the early 1100 is by cable.

Final Drive

All are shaft driven with bevel box rear hub assembly.


Front suspension: Double wishbones in oval tubing with inboard concentric coil springs and dampers with anti-roll bar, with adjustable gas dampers. Grinnall CNC billet alloy uprights.

Rear suspension: All Scorpion-III vehicles use the standard BMW ‘Para-Lever’ system that prevents ‘jacking’ under acceleration. The K40 is fitted with ‘Rising Rate’ linked rear suspension, that gives an ultra-smooth ride with spring and damper rates that rise on demand. Learn about rising rate


AP Racing Brake Master Cylinder, non servo.

Front brakes: Grinnall billet 2-pot calipers with integral mechanical parking brake. 280mm ventilated discs. Ferodo M171 brake pads (optional).

Rear brake: The K40 uses the standard BMW 2-piston caliper and a 265mm disc. The non K40 uses the standard BMW 290mm disc, twin piston calliper. All systems incorporate an adjustable front/rear bias valve.



Adjustable aluminium race-type rack, centre pinion, 2.5 turns lock to lock. Right or left-hand drive. Grinnall designed steering column incorporating sliding safety feature, sealed needle roller bearings, adjustable. Optional Momo Racing, snap-off steering wheel.

Wheels and Tyres

Front: Cast aluminium by Rimstock 6.5 x 15 with 195/50 ZR15 tyres. Optional for improved feel and better wet performance 5.5 x 15 with 175/50/15 tyres.

Rear: All models except 1100: Aluminium 3 piece split rim 7.5 x 16 with 205/45 ZR16 tyre. 1100 only: 7.5 x 15 with 195/55 ZR15 tyre.

Fuel Tank – all models

Aircraft quality welded aluminium fabrication with weir system. Capacity: 28-litre. Low and high pressure fuel pumps to prevent fuel starvation during high-speed cornering.


Adjustable pedals and optional foot rest, four-point safety belts, ergonomically designed seats. Twin T45 alloy steel roll over bars, BMW digital instrument cluster incorporating fuel level, temperature and gear position indicator. Optional snap-off Momo Racing steering wheel, Grinnall steering column. Autowatch keyless proximity sensor ignition control. Self cancelling directional indicators with momentary switch. ‘Missile launch’ ignition switch in conjunction with starter button. Optional cockpit weather cover. Optional all-over cover.

Dimensions – K40

Average dry weight: 390kg (862lbs).

Maximum total weight: 650kg (1436lbs) including passenger and luggage.

Length overall: 360cm (144in) approx.

Wheelbase: 270cm (109in) approx.

Maximum overall width: 186cm (73in).

Performance: 0-60 mph approx. 3.5 seconds (1300cc).

Maximum speed: in excess of 140mph (1300cc).

Economy: fuel consumption 39-50mpg approx. (1300cc).

The Scorpion III is SVA compliant and has German TUV approval (original 1100 version 1995).