The Basics

The Grinnall ‘R3T’ is undoubtedly unique in the trike market. Based on Triumph’s brilliant and much-acclaimed, shaft driven Rocket 3, the R3T performs like no other trike.  And its styling, by Steve Everitt Automobile Designs Ltd, so compliments the original lines that it might have been penned at Triumph’s own design studios in Leicestershire.

As well as the range of Grinnall options, Triumph has created nearly 50 additional accessories to allow owners to add their personal touch to their machines.

The 4 valve per cylinder, 2300cc, fuel injected, three cylinder in-line motor (north /south crankshaft alignment) sets new power standards for cruisers (and trikes!) with a massive 147lbs/ft of torque, accelerating the R3T to 100mph in around 10 seconds, and on to a top speed of over 120mph. This behemoth of a trike will eat a Gold Wing for breakfast!

The strikingly styled GRP body is spray-painted in the best materials available, and colour matched to the original Triumph range. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide range of custom colours.

The super-stiff rear chassis is bolted to the original Rocket frame, picking up on the swinging arm, the lower engine mountings, the rear upper frame, and damper mounting points. Sophisticated, independent double wishbone rear suspension and high quality adjustable dampers guarantee a smooth ride, whilst maintaining high speed cornering capability. The inboard anti-roll bar acts within the body work to keep body-roll under control.

CNC aluminium billet double-clamp fork yokes provide carefully revised steering geometry. Trail is reduced, ensuring low cornering effort yet still guaranteeing fantastic high speed straight line stability. Maximised lock stops allow a tight turning circle. However, for difficult manoeuvres we have developed a unique electric reverse that drives a special hardened steel gearwheel mounted on the prop shaft. This also doubles up as the rear parking brake disc, that is fitted with a single inboard mechanical brake caliper which is cable operated from the parking brake lever. An additional battery mounted in a light alloy carrier ensures your day won’t be spoilt by having to push.

The original Rocket’s massive twin 320mm front discs are complimented by our rear braking system; The Grinnall trademark oval double wishbone suspension is attached with spherical joints to our new Grinnall-designed CNC billet alloy uprights. These are fitted with 254mm rear discs. Twin opposed-piston Hi-Spec calipers are fed by Goodridge stainless steel braided hoses that combine to guarantee a solid pedal, or hand operated lever, with superb feel and braking control.

Bespoke 3-piece, billet rear wheels by Image compliment the style of the front wheels and are shod with 225/45/17 Toyo tyres. There is also an optional 275/35/18 rear tyre for those who prefer a beefier look, with mudguards to match. A lightweight, alloy cased differential ensures even drive to the rear wheels. Our maintenance free drive-line uses the original, modified Triumph prop shaft and two equal length GKN drive shafts.

The standard Rocket 3 bike passenger seat has been replaced with a larger additional rider seat for the pillion, providing luxury comfort to make long distances a breeze. There are two choices of handlebars, as well as foot boards for both front and pillion passengers for maximum comfort.

Whilst prioritising safety and rider and passenger comfort, considerable thought has been devoted to making the R3T an ideal tourer, so there is proper provision for your luggage.  A key operated drop-down tail section hides 25 litres of space.

For passenger safety we offer a chrome grab rail, and a back rest for additional security. An integral chromed luggage rack can be added to the grab rail to create a base for a Grinnall CNC billet alloy platform which is designed to accept the Givi range of touring boxes. For the rider, there is also an optional adjustable back rest. A tow bar kit can also be fitted which can accept a second 52 litre Givi case that is mounted vertically at the rear.

A deeper, throatier exhaust note emanates from a slash-cut custom stainless steel system that exits behind the pillion seat in the centre of the body. There are two silencers to ensure that noise levels comply with EU regulations. As an option, a louder non-compliant version is also available.

Most Grinnall Trikes are factory-built using a new donor bike supplied directly from Triumph, complete with all registration documents (UK customers). Alternatively, you may wish to convert your own bike using our comprehensive kit of component parts (CKD). Body panels come fully painted and all parts are finished and ready for assembly. Build time for a CKD kit is about 80 hours. For the export market the CKD kit is carefully packed into a wooden crate and shipped either by air or sea freight direct to your door.

Trikes registered in the UK can be ridden using a car licence; a motorcycle test is therefore not required by law. The law also says that trikes can be ridden in the UK without wearing a crash helmet (although we do not recommend this practice), and the road tax is the same as for the two-wheeler.

UK's leading bike journalist, Kevin Ash, reported in the Daily Telegraph: ‘It’s a novelty vehicle that’s good fun to ride, or drive, or whatever you do (trive?) And it offers very high performance, is surprisingly practical and beautifully made.’ He concludes: ‘It is done with such engineering finesse and quality of finish; it has the feel you imagine Triumph itself would have lent it.’

In the words of MCN: ‘Riding trikes is about being an individual. And that’s why we all ride’..... it’s a party on three wheels.’
So try all the alternatives, then come and try the R3T – you will not be disappointed.