The Basics


The Scorpion-III, latest in a long line of distinguished three-wheelers, looks forward rather than backwards. With high performance motorcycle power provided by BMW, a lightweight space frame chassis and sophisticated suspension and composite body, it owes far more to today's race car technology than it does to earlier three-wheelers.

In 1992, award-winning automotive stylist Steve Harper of SHADO was commissioned to pen an exciting new design. Adopting the 'form follows function' philosophy, the eye-catching results were faithfully translated into a full sized clay model, and hence, via precision moulds into production.

The space frame chassis and race-bred suspension beneath that sleek shape were designed and developed by engineers Mark Grinnall and Neil Williams, then refined and tested in collaboration with leading engineering analysts, Mecal Engineering of Holland. This guaranteed the highest possible standards of performance and safety consistent with the lowest possible weight.

The whole vehicle test programme substantially exceeded the standards required for registration in most countries and resulted in the Scorpion 1100 achieving full TUV approval (1997).

Drive Trains and New Developments

The S-III was conceived and developed around engines and drive trains from BMW's range of 4-cylinder motorbikes. These are all water-cooled, fuel injected and feature 16 valves and double overhead camshafts. Performance varies depending on the drive train, ranging from 100bhp (1100cc), 110bhp (1200cc LT), 135bhp (1200cc RS), 170bhp (1200cc K40) to 180bhp (1300cc K40). Click here for more information on this stunning bike.

Grinnall Cars are BMW 'partners' with an Original Equipment Manufacturer supply status. This special arrangement enables us to buy engines and parts directly from BMW.

The early 1100 (more info) and 1200cc (more info) drive trains are in-line 4-cylinder configuration with a longitudinal layout (north/south crankshaft alignment). The latest K40 is available in 1200 and 1300cc and is a new-for-BMW, across the frame layout (east/west crankshaft alignment). The latest drive trains offer staggering performance from the 170 or 180bhp motors. The power to weight ratio for the 1300cc K40 is a sensational 460bhp/ton plus.

The vehicle weighs in at a svelte 390kgs, so it stops as well as it accelerates. New, billet alloy 2-piston calipers that provide shoulder-wrenching stopping power are now available as an option.

Early 1100 and 1200cc drive trains use a car type single plate dry clutch. This is replaced in the K40 with a 'wet' oil-bathed multi-plate, hydraulically operated unit. The new motor also has a dry sump which guarantees complete lubrication, better cooling and no oil surge in cornering.

The early 1100 has a 5-speed gearbox, whereas the 1200 and 1300s are all 6-speed. An electric, back-up reverse gear is available on the early 1100 and 1200 versions with 5 forward ratios.

The S-III uses the standard BMW rear swinging arm suspension system, all of which have BMW’s ‘Para-Lever’ system which prevents ‘jacking up’ under acceleration. The K40 is fitted with ‘Rising Rate’ linked rear suspension that allows an ultra smooth ride with spring and damper rates that rise on demand.

The K40 has the latest digital engine management system available that guarantees amazingly smooth torque, fantastic full power performance, and frugal fuel consumption. CANBUS wiring technology is also used, allowing software updating and engine analysis, momentary switching and self cancelling directional indicators, digital dashboard and a keyless proximity censoring ignition switching. And the optional Momo detachable steering wheel is an added anti theft device!

All Scorpions are fitted with a light alloy cased Titan Motorsport steering rack that features both adjustable pinion rations and tooth engagement. Fitted to our new sealed needle roller bearing, alloy steering column, the combination ensures steering that is very light and precise. As of 2009 it is also adjustable for reach and height.

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